Dodder Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study


Dodder Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study (CFRAMS)

Dublin City Council

The River Dodder CFRAMS is a catchment wide flood study undertaken by RPS in South Dublin for Dublin City Council to assist with Ireland’s implementation of the EU Floods Directive.

RPS undertook all aspects of this study which incorporated a significant data collection exercise for use in both the hydrological and hydraulic analysis.

This included topographical surveys (land and hydrographic), LiDAR, CCTV, meteorological, hydrometric, coastal, historical flooding and climate change information.

The hydrological analysis was based on the standard statistical approach to estimating river flows used FSR and FEH methodologies but also incorporated the development of a wide range of rainfall run-off models using MIKE NAM. Using this input data, coupled hydrodynamic models were established in MIKE Flood.

A suite of flood risk and hazard maps were presented for consultation with key stakeholders and members of the public. Over 30 different flood risk management options were considered for the catchment each of which was designed, costed and assessed against a wide range of criteria including a detailed cost benefit analysis and assessment against both social and environmental criteria. The environmental assessment integrated the project with the statutory Strategic Environment Assessment process and ensured compliance with that particular EU directive.

The preferred flood risk management options were included within a FRM Plan for consultation before adoption by the Local Authorities.