Vectis Wind Farm


Vectis Wind Farm


Flood Risk Assessment and Environmental Statement chapter to support proposed development of an on-shore wind farm.

RPS prepared a Hydrology, Flood Risk and Water Quality Environmental Statement chapter and Flood Risk Assessment to support the development of an on-shore wind farm. The development consisted of access tracks, crane pads, a control building and electrical substation, and a temporary construction compound.

The Environmental Statement identified that the site was located in a sensitive hydrological setting due to the presence of surface watercourses on-site. Impacts on hydrology, drainage and water quality during construction were considered to be adequately mitigated by the measures within the CEMP. For the operational phase, the increase in hardstanding areas was considered to have the potential to result in a significant increase in flood risk unless suitable mitigation measures were proposed. The Flood Risk Assessment included a conceptual drainage design, which proposed disposal of surface water via soakaways, with additional attenuation of surface water within drainage ditches/swales. Peak runoff rates were restricted to pre-development rates, thus mitigating against any potential increase in flood risk.