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Information Management

RPS has over 20 years’ experience in developing Information Management systems and reporting for the Water Industry.

RPS provides Information Management solutions to the majority of Water Companies in the UK and Ireland and has recently expanded its provision in to the Asia Pacific region.

RPS not only delivers systems to clients which are designed and proved by industry leading specialists, the systems are supported around the clock from the UK and on site by technical experts with years of Water Industry experience.

RPS also provides consultancy services to support the services and systems offered to ensure that clients get the right result.

Our Information Management Services Include:

Leakage Management and Reporting Systems


Pressure Management and Reporting System

Operational and Asset Performance Monitoring

Metering Audit Verification Integrated Software

Statistical analysis of Water Company data

Statistical analysis of Water Company data

Water and Wastewater Network Asset Management

Our WaternetTM application has been developed to enable both Operational and Regulatory reporting for water and wastewater companies. Reports can be delivered in multiple formats such as Spatial, Tabular or Graphical as required.

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Case Studies

Kelda Water Services Defence

Consumption and Billing Support

Kelda Water Services Defence

Kelda Water Services Defence commissioned RPS to replace its in-house developed systems for consumption and billing in relation to the Aquatrine Ministry of Defence project.

Waternet™ was installed which brought together the required elements of the previous systems but also developed improved reporting functionality and integration.

Facilities include:

Automated data transfer from data loggers installed across the country

Meter reading management

Daily and monthly reporting at any level

Business plan review

Invoice management and exporting to SAP

Severn Trent

SALT++ Runs

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water commissioned RPS to run SALT++ to evaluate PR14 options.

SALT++ was run, against information supplied by Sever Trent Water to:

Create company detection curve

Create company ALC and repairs curve

Analyse new resource options

South East Water


South East Water

RPS has developed a facility for South East Water to offer its key commercial customers a web view of water use, from 1 to a number of different sites and water meters. The system allows easy view of flow rates every 15 minutes and also the ability to export flow data to spreadsheets.

Thames Water

Waternet™ Installation

Thames Water

Thames Water commissioned RPS to replace existing RPS products of MAVIS and PMARS with a single solution. Waternet™ now provides Thames Water the ability to design and monitor all aspects of Pressure Management and Meter Auditing:

PMA Schemes and Savings

PRV Maintenance records and costs

Meter Verification Details

Meter uncertainty and replacement prioritisation

RPS has also provided an integration module for Waternet™ to assist Thames Water in producing its Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) for the next 25 years.

Wessex Water

Waternet™ Installation

Wessex Water

Wessex Water commissioned RPS to replace their current leakage reporting tool with Waternet™. Since the original installation, RPS has worked with Wessex Water to design and deploy further enhancements to Waternet to calculate Policy Minimum and Background Leakage for DMA together with tools to estimate leakage outside of DMA.