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Occupational Health

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company, so providing Occupational Health Services is an integral part of a company’s commitment to its workforce. The hazards and risk profiles for each company will be quite different.

Working in genuine partnership with organisations of all sizes we aim to deliver a flexible range of proactive forward thinking and cost effective services designed to meet the needs of modern businesses.

RPS is a leading provider of Occupational Health services in the UK. Our experience lies in providing tailored Occupational Health solutions.

At RPS we understand the need to support you to get the best from that most valuable resource.

Services are either delivered onsite, in our mobile screening units or from a national network of clinics.



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RPS Occupational Health has been providing Occupational Health services since 1996. The company delivers extensive services to over 600 clients throughout the UK and Ireland. It has a broad customer base and is represented in many industries including:

Our areas of expertise include:


Mining and Minerals


Distribution and Transport


Local government sectors

Food and Beverages


Oil and Chemical

We deliver services to meet our client’s requirements for managing risk, reducing healthcare and insurance costs, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, enhancing employee morale and to help our clients attract and retain high quality employees.

Our areas of expertise include

Absence Management


Effectively managing absence and illness can significantly reduce your overall costs and improve employee productivity and morale. RPS can provide access to qualified and competent professionals to assist your organisation in tackling absence and illness and in doing so promoting health and wellbeing.

A large proportion of Occupational Health referrals can be dealt with effectively by a suitably experienced Occupational Health Nurse, often as a remote telephone based consultation. This delivery approach allows us to significantly reduce the turnaround time of advice and provide increased accessibility for our clients.

We also offer face to face appointments with a health professional in one of our clinics or our associated clinics.


Role of Occupational Health

One of the primary functions of Occupational Health is to provide employers with an independent view on the employee’s health status and their ability to perform their role

Reasons for Management referrals

Health problems which might be work related.

Work issues that might impact on the health of the worker

Support the management of sickness absence and facilitate an early and sustainable return to work

Fitness for Work & Medical Assessments


Standards for fitness for work medicals may be industry specific e.g. construction, rail. RPS can ensure that candidates are fit for job tasks and that employer’s meet the relevant industry specific standard.

We support our clients in achieving compliance, to reduce work-related risk and illness whilst minimising potential for litigation. Our Occupational Health doctors and nurses are familiar and experienced in a wide range of industries and occupations.

Fitness for Work Medicals

RPS provides fitness for work medicals to assess employee fitness to undertake specific work tasks that may be safety critical

Statutory Medicals

Some regulations require employers to ensure employees undertaking certain work activities with specified hazards (eg lead, asbestos) have suitable medicals.

Pension Scheme Medicals

Trustees of Pension Schemes must ensure they have access to professional medical expertise from an Occupational Physician for independent advice on ill health matters.

Health & Well-being Assessments


RPS can work with you to develop a tailored programme of Health & Well-being Assessments and Health Promotion events. Individual or group proactive education events or structured wellbeing programmes to suit your needs can be delivered by our Occupational Health clinicians and Wellbeing Advisors.

Some examples are outlined below. These can be delivered at clients premises as required.

Health & Well-being Assessments

Individual health assessments (45 minute consultation)

Individual health check (15 minute check)

Health Promotion Event

Targeted group health promotion activities

Tool box talks to employees on selected health matters

Health related courses and seminars eg. Sun Awareness/ Cancer prevention, Work/ Life Balance, Stress Awareness & Stress Management

Health Surveillance and Mobile Screening


Health surveillance allows for early identification of ill health and helps identify any corrective action needed. Health surveillance may be required by law if your employees are exposed to noise or vibration, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air. Health surveillance is a collective term to describe a variety of procedures, e.g. audiometry and lung function testing employed to detect early signs of work related adverse health effects.

As the employer it is your role and legal duty to ensure the health of your workforce in relation to any risk of or from exposure they encounter at work. RPS has significant experience in putting together health surveillance programmes and as your occupational health provider we will be able to help you prioritise and make decisions.

The health surveillance programme can be delivered either on site, using our mobile units or a combination of both options depending on requirements and facilities available.

RPS provides health surveillance to include (but not limited to):

Lung Function

Hearing tests / Audiometry

Skin Check

Hand Arm Vibration screening

Laboratory Services


RPS deliver a range of specialist Pathology and Occupational Health Laboratory Analysis to clients who are concerned with the management of occupational health. RPS can provide assistance in interpreting laboratory results to these organisations in support of the advice they office to their clients and staff.

The laboratory services provided by RPS are aimed at supporting occupational health to assist them by enhancing the efficiency of their monitoring activities.

Biological samples are a useful and effective tool to identify specific risks or exposure to employees of various hazardous materials.

With a range of methods to identify trace containments as well as metabolites and complex blood chemistries, including blood, urine and other biological samples can be analysed.

RPS offer a range of Drug & Alcohol testing to fulfil a company’s requirements for pre-placement, periodic, random or ‘for cause’ incidents. All samples are collected under strict chain of custody protocol with rapid results.

Occupational Health Consultancy & Management Support


Employee health related issues are often more difficult to understand and manage than safety and environmental issues. Organisations may have difficulty in developing appropriate policies and procedures and understanding relevant legislation.

RPS can offer tailored consultancy to help you to understand, implement and manage employee health in compliance with associated legislation and industry standards to benefit the organisation and employee.

Pre-Placement Assessments


Recruitment of employees is key to the ongoing success and development of any business. RPS can advise on fitness for work and any necessary workplace adjustments in compliance with the Equality Act.

The Equality Act 2010 came into force in October 2010 and places some limits on the questions an employer can ask about health or disability during the recruitment process. The level of need for personal health information and the level of health assessment will be determined by the functions of the job role.

Based on your organisation’s risk assessment and the requirements of the job role, pre-placement assessments can be conducted by RPS either on-line, on site or at one of our clinics. Assessments can be conducted by an Occupational Health Nurse (OHN).