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Pathology & Biological Analysis

The pathology and biological analytical services are aimed at supporting occupational health and occupational hygiene professionals to assist them by enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of their monitoring activities.

Biological samples are a useful and effective tool to identify specific risks or exposure to employees of various hazardous materials.

With a range of methods to identify trace contaminants as well as metabolites and complex blood chemistries, both blood, urine and other biological samples can be analysed.

RPS also offer a range of Drug & Alcohol testing to fulfil a Company’s requirements for pre-employment, periodic, random or ‘for cause’ incidents. All samples are collected under a strict chain of custody protocol with rapid results.

Our areas of analytical expertise include:

Routine pathology samples

Blood Chemistries

Trace metals in urine, blood, serum and plasma

Metabolite analysis for organics

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