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Big plans need “big data”: spatial information for local authorities

Big plans need “big data”: spatial information for local authorities

    With Australia’s population expected to reach 36 million by 2050, Local Governments need to think smart when it comes to infrastructure, transport, housing and environmental management planning. 


    Reliable, accurate and detailed spatial data has a big role to play, but some local authorities are falling behind when it comes to knowing where they are in space. 

    Local Authorities and LiDAR

    LiDAR technology uses laser pulses to generate large amounts of information about terrain, landscape and built form features.
    While Councils have been using LiDAR to help them understand their built and natural assets for years, recent advancements in LiDAR mean many are now relying on out-of-date information and equipment to make big decisions about the future of their LGAs.
    With the latest high-definition, full waveform LiDAR equipment and a team of experts equipped to produce a wide range of outputs from a single LiDAR dataset, RPS is uniquely positioned to help local authorities to capture, understand and act upon their spatial information more cost-effectively than ever before.

    Putting LiDAR to use in your LGA 

    RPS’ can develop a state-of-the-art LiDAR capture programme to help you record critical information about all types of features within your local area. Potential uses for local government include:

    High accuracy surveying to support the effective design of roads, powerlines and utilities.

    Change detection assessments to help you mitigate risk and enhance urban resilience.

    Flood risk assessment for the protection of new and existing urban areas.

    Vegetation mapping for the management of natural environmental assets.

    3D Modelling for asset management, town planning and project visualisation. 

    Once your high-definition LiDAR information is captured, our team can analyse and process this data to meet individual project requirements, both now and into the future. Derived products/outputs that we can generate from a “one pass” LiDAR survey include:

    Comprehensive 3D models of buildings and infrastructure.

    High-resolution visual representations of streams and channels for hydrological studies.

    Detailed vegetation coverage and density studies. 

    Our multi-disciplinary team can combine this data with other spatial information capture techniques  such as aerial photography and photogrammetry, ground penetrating radar and traditional ground survey, to give you the most accurate digital picture of your area, ever.

    Meet our spatial experts at Digital Earth and Locate17 

    Our Surveying, Mapping and Spatial Data specialists will be on location at Digital Earth and Locate17 at the Sydney Convention Centre from 3-6 April 2017. To discover how RPS can provide the “big data” your LGA needs, find us on booth 18 or get in touch to book a one-on-one appointment in your local area.


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    27 March 2017