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The Abbot Point Coal Export Facility, QLD

The Abbot Point Coal Export Facility, QLD

The Abbot Point Coal Terminal which was commissioned in 1984 is currently undergoing further expansion to accommodate the developing coal mining industry in Central-West Queensland.

RPS is providing ongoing survey services for the maintenance to the existing infrastructure and further expansion.

Recent commitments from coal exporters underpin demand for further expansion projects to increase the port’s capacity to 80 mtpa and 110mtpa within the next few years. RPS surveyors have provided services for both the onshore storage and processing facilities and the offshore loading components including 3.5km conveyor and associated berthing facilities.

Specialist equipment is employed by our surveyors to overcome jetty movement due to the port operation and sea activity. Our team employs a great deal of skill in surveying, often being suspended from the end of a crane arm 15 metres above sea level to obtain survey data.

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