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Economic analysis and advice

Decisions regarding investments, developments, programs and strategies increasingly require rigorous and reliable evidence. The complex nature of the modern world - characterised by uncertainty, volatility and risk - has elevated the role of economic analysis and research in all public and private sector projects and policies, providing justification and confidence.

Our Economics team is well positioned to undertake comprehensive analysis of a range of business, community and government issues and projects. RPS does not simply provide advice on economic projects – we seek to apply economic thinking to all problems, issues and challenges clients present to us. In all projects, we employ the most up to date information to identify new opportunities and innovative approaches to challenges, thereby generating value for our clients.

RPS provides a wide range of economic advisory services for public and private sector clients. Our projects vary from small residential and retail developments to whole-of-industry and economic assessments of regulations, policies or project impacts.

Key Contacts

Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace   |   Regional Technical Director - Economics  |   Send Email

Mark is the head of the Economics service line for RPS in Australia Asia Pacific. Mark has more than 12 years of experience in Economics roles in public and private sectors including state and local governments, private sector employment and training organisations and as an economic consultant. Mark joined RPS in 2011 when he established the Economics service line in Western Australia. Since then he has built the RPS Economics team into one of the leading boutique economics consultancies in Australia, working for a diverse range of clients.

Mark’s background is in labour and innovation economics and he is a nationally recognised expert in regional economic development and health economics. He is a regular speaker at events and conferences across the country, including PCA, UDIA and CEDA where he presents innovative research and analysis on a wide range of urban development, demographic and policy subjects.

Mark provides strategic guidance and technical support for RPS Economics teams across Australia.

William Owen

William Owen   |   Technical Director – Economics  |   Send Email