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Meteorology & Oceanography

Meteorology & Oceanography

RPS is world renowned for its experience and capability in physical oceanography and marine and land-based meteorology provided through its specialist consultancy, RPS MetOcean.


RPS MetOcean designs and implements sophisticated meteorological and oceanographic measurement programs to obtain reliable information on winds, waves, tides, currents and seawater properties.

RPS MetOcean offers clients more than 35 years experience in the collection, analysis, interpretation and application of metocean data.

We have strong capabilities across a large and diverse range of oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation, sophisticated computing facilities and an extensive suite of well-proven software. We place special emphasis on the quality control and preservation of data.

Our experienced staff are skilled in ocean and environmental engineering, electronics, computing and mathematics, numerical modelling, data analysis, technical reporting and project management.

Our client base includes major international oil companies, Australian mining companies, engineering and shipping companies, government authorities and research institutions. We have a strong track record of delivering our clients substantial returns through reduced costs, increased utilisation of facilities and improved levels of safety.

Our spread of skills and depth of experience in physical oceanography, together with our links to research institutions and attention to industry developments, allow us to act as an effective interface between available technology and industry needs.

RPS MetOcean has many years of experience with real-time land-based and offshore environmental monitoring systems. Our systems have been placed throughout Australia, the Antarctic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

Services include:

Oceanographic measurements

Meteorological measurements

Real-time monitoring systems

Coastal process modelling (wind, waves, circulation, dispersion, sediment transport)

Spill trajectory modelling

Dredge plume dispersion modelling

Coastal and ocean engineering

Marine environmental studies

Data processing and management

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Murray Burling

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Greg Bush

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Steve Buchan

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