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Group Environmental Policy Statement

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

In accordance with the Group Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Management policies, RPS operates supplier vetting and assessment. Subcontractors are subject to the same policy and procedures induction and competency checks as RPS staff operating on equivalent tasks at the same level.

As an independent consultancy enterprise employing professionals on the basis that they will neither contract nor act as suppliers of manufactured goods, parts or raw materials in person or by proxy, the scope for potential environmental and social policy non-compliance or of personal conflict of interest within our operations is limited by definition and any potential exceptions have to be carefully assessed by management. Nevertheless we recognise that some of our suppliers will potentially be more exposed to policy non-compliance particularly in their third world operations, so we look at their policies and assess details supplied on how their environmental and social policies are implemented and verified.

Example Supplier Questionnaire form pdf here.