National Data Repositories

We provide independent, technically-led advice and management support, using experienced consultants to work individually or with clients’ teams. Whether working on business process, specific assets or portfolios, we provide high-level support across the complete E&P value chain.

RPS Energy is one of the world’s leading independent consulting companies in the field of Information Systems and Processes. This combination of vendor/service neutrality combined with E&P technical know-how, makes RPS Energy uniquely placed to offer services to governments to implement an NDR.

The large system vendors are vital stakeholders in the NDR domain and RPS Energy maintains excellent relationships with these companies. We manage technology procurement projects for both energy companies and governments, providing a unique understanding of the capabilities of the technologies on the market.


Understand the stakeholder drivers

Set up an effective governance structure

Understand data volumes, owners and locations

Build the business case and assist in promoting the concept

Outline statement of requirements

Assist secure funding



Write technology and service (either in one or two tenders) RFP

Manage procurement

Define the entitlements system

Assist in setting up the data release policies

Advise on optimal vendor/service combination

Assist in contract negotiations with the chosen vendor



Implementation plan

Map out processes

Document policies and procedures

Detailed data loading planning

System roll out


Integration testing


Manage Change


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