Promoting Inward Investment

We provide independent, technically-led advice and management support, using experienced consultants to work individually or with clients’ teams. Whether working on business process, specific assets or portfolios, we provide high-level support across the complete E&P value chain.

Many countries are seeking to increase exploration activity to ensure their hydrocarbons are fully exploited to contribute to national wealth. RPS Energy offers a service to countries to promote their exploration opportunity and is uniquely placed to provide advice on packaging and positioning investment options in the international oil and gas community.

RPS Energy specialises in helping energy companies formulate exploration and growth strategies. This involves coaching processes that enable management teams to make choices as to which countries to invest in. We therefore have a clear understanding of what the industry is looking for and what makes for an attractive opportunity. Additionally we have extensive experience in working with government departments and a clear understanding and sensitivity of the interactions between government and industry.

Licence and Fiscal Terms

Resource Assessment

Infrastructure and Access to Markets

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UK / Europe
Gordon Taylor
Director, Subsurface
T: +44 (0) 1491 415 400

North America
Andy Kirchin
Senior Vice President Consulting, Houston
T: +1 (281) 448 6188

Australia Asia Pacific
Joseph Tan
Regional General Manager
M: +65 9836 8282