Regulatory Approval

We provide independent, technically-led advice and management support, using experienced consultants to work individually or with clients’ teams. Whether working on business process, specific assets or portfolios, we provide high-level support across the complete E&P value chain.

Compliance with host country regulations is a prerequisite to any health, safety and environmental program.

We have significant, demonstrated and on-going experience in project managing the approvals process for projects, both large and small. With our breadth of experience we can provide clients with clear advice on the latest regulations at a national and international level, ensuring that plans for the future can be made and necessary changes integrated into the company policy and management systems.

The process generally starts with the development of customised approval strategies, including environment, land access, cultural heritage and native title matters. This enables approvals, schedules and budgets to be fine-tuned to ensure they meet the requirements of multiple jurisdictions and government agencies. We are experienced in negotiating approvals strategies, coordinating specialist studies and preparing submissions for exploration, production or development approvals and are able to manage the approvals process throughout the life of a project.

Codes of Practice:

Today, demonstrating environmental commitment and responsibility is a pre-requisite to maintaining a licence to operate. Our experience in assisting industry representative bodies, resource companies and government agencies to develop practical and achievable Codes of Practice, is extensive and we have additionally assisted many companies in integrating Codes of Practice into their organisation via effective training and education programs.

We can benchmark, review and streamline company policies and management systems and we also possess significant expertise in preparing specific plans such as pipeline construction, vegetation management or oil spill response.

RPS Capabilities Regulatory Approval:

Development of customised approval strategies for major projects including environment, land access, cultural heritage and native title

Development of approvals schedules and budgets for multiple jurisdictions and government agency requirements

Negotiation of major project approvals strategies and government requirements

Coordination of specialist research, studies and investigations

Preparation of submissions for planning, environmental, exploration and production approvals, such as:
    •  Environmental impact assessments
    •  Native title negotiations and agreements
    •  Exploration and production permits, leases and licences
    •  Drilling approvals
    •  On-shore and off-shore pipeline permits and licences
    •  Specialised environmental licensing
    •  All development approvals and planning permits


Codes of Practice:

Development of Codes of Practice for industry, government and representative bodies

Industry representation at regulatory forums

Benchmarking, review and streamlining of company policies and management systems to ensure they meet Code requirements

Development of issue-specific plans, eg Pipeline construction, vegetation management, oil spill response to meet Code commitments

Development and implementation of training and education programs to implement Codes of Practice



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