Cost effective operations are the key to successful energy projects, in both oil and gas and renewables. RPS Energy has been instrumental in providing project management and technical support as well as expert quality control for seismic surveys, site investigation, well operations, positioning and infrastructure projects.

Arctic Services

Extreme temperatures, remote locations, seasonal schedules, and sensitive environmental constraints are major challenges to Arctic operations. Our global experience in difficult land and marine operations, in the Arctic and elsewhere, enables us to provide broad input to our clients working in this area.

Pioneer explorers in the 21st Century in the richly bio-diverse environment of the Arctic are challenged to manage and mitigate the fundamental risks, whilst maintaining socially responsible oil and gas operations. RPS Energy has extensive world-wide experience in all environments, and our experienced team can help ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. With our diverse experience and highly competent team you are assured of environmentally conscious, technically advanced and financially astute results.

Our services in the Arctic include:

Health, Safety & Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Seismic Data Acquisition

Arctic Exploration

Site Investigation Surveys

Well Test Design

Metocean & Oceanography

Arctic Development


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