Prospect Generation

RPS Energy has worked in almost every petroleum basin in the world, undertaking projects ranging from niche specialist work to large multi-disciplinary E&P studies. This mix of experience and expertise comes from a highly-experienced staff and associates, comprising a wide range of surface and sub-surface disciplines.

RPS has experience of regional through to reservoir-scale structural and stratigraphic interpretation and mapping, integrating both 2D and 3D seismic data with well and other information. At the regional scale, we combine geological knowledge and specialist expertise to review basins and play fairways, setting licence areas and assets in a regional context. At the prospect and reservoir scale, we pay close attention to the integration of analytical and interpretational disciplines. Our geologists and geophysicists work closely with our biostratigraphic, sedimentological and petrophysical specialists to develop a thorough understanding of each of the elements of the petroleum system. This allows us to define prospects and assess the range of possible volumes together with their associated risk.

RPS has a thorough understanding of techniques for valuing risky investments and extensive experience in the design of exploration strategies and programmes. RPS has extensive experience in portfolio optimisation techniques that provide in depth analysis of the various options and likely outcomes, allowing use to make recommendations based on expected monetary values.

What we provide

2D and 3D seismic interpretation

Integrated basin studies

Stratigraphic and structural studies

Thermal history reconstruction

Basin modelling (regional correlations and sedimentological models, reservoir analogues, sand-body geometry, input into determination of flow units, integration with seismic and petrophysics for prospect evaluation)

Prospect mapping and evaluation

Petrophysics – integration of core samples and well log data, structural analysis and modelling (structural interpretation of seismic data, cross-section restoration, structural history analysis, fault-seal analysis)



Gordon Taylor
Director, Geoscience
T: +44 (0) 1491 415428

USA and Canada
Andy Kirchin
Vice-President , Consulting
T: +1 (281) 448 6188

Australia Asia Pacific
Joseph Tan
Regional General Manager
M: +65 9836 8282