Fire Engineering

Fire engineering is an essential element of building design in modern buildings. Rather than the application of simplistic prescriptive guidance, fire engineering can be used to ensure that the final design achieves the optimum solution for the end-user from both architectural and cost perspectives.

The RPS Fire Engineering team comprises a team of MSc qualified Chartered Fire Engineers providing consultancy services across the full spectrum of building projects. Our services include:

Strategic design appraisals

Fire strategy reports and drawings

Computational fluid dynamics modelling

Computational evacuation modelling

Fire safety management documentation

Fire risk assessments

Property protection and business continuity reporting

Quantitative fire risk assessment

Our approach focuses on providing a continual service to our clients from review of early concept design proposals through to the preparation of detailed fire strategy documentation to support the building regulations application.

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Key Contacts

Barry McAllister

Barry McAllister   |   Technical Director   |   Send Email

Barry McAllister is a Chartered Structural Engineer and Fire Engineer with over 33 years of experience providing fire engineering consultancy services. Barry is a part time lecturer at the University of Ulster in Fire Engineering and is an advisor to a number of Building Control Authorities on fire safety matters.

Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn   |   Technical Director   |   Send Email

Ray Quinn is a Technical Director with RPS specialising in fire safety. He has provided fire safety engineering advice throughout the UK on a wide range of complex projects including airport terminals, shopping centres, healthcare and educational premises, high rise offices, apartments and hotel developments and historic buildings. He has been a part time lecturer in Fire Engineering Design at the University of Ulster since 2004 and is a Chartered Fire Engineer.

Ray Kelly

Ray Kelly   |   Associate   |   Send Email

Ray Kelly is an Associate with RPS specialising in fire safety engineering. He has provided technical assistance on a wide range of complex projects including, offices, schools, retail developments, residential, industrial and University Buildings. Ray is a Chartered Fire Engineer.

Craig Jolley

Craig Jolley   |   Principal Consultant   |   Send Email

Craig Jolley is a principal fire safety engineering consultant with significant capability in the completion of fire safety assessments for clients across all major industries at varying stages of design and operation. Craig has a Masters degree in Fire and Explosion Engineering and has extensive knowledge in the field of fire safety design, fire safety legislation and the production of fire engineered solutions. Craig has substantial experience of writing fire strategy documents for various types of buildings that include complex arrangements and designs, including high hazard facilities and has a wide knowledge of the guidance documentation linked to fire safety legislation in the UK.