Energy Infrastructure

Meeting the Energy challenge

We are involved in some of todays most important and challenging infrastructure, environmental, energy and development projects – shaping and influencing the world we live in.

Infrastructure for generating energy from renewable sources, storing and transporting hydrocarbons and transmitting energy and power are essential components in ensuring energy supply and providing energy security.

RPS is uniquely placed to support the planning and development of this infrastructure as we have both an in depth knowledge of the energy sector and expertise in all aspects of the built and natural environment.

Utilising this combined experience, the multidisciplinary teams within RPS provide a full lifecycle service, delivering advice on the development of clients’ energy resources and advising on the safe and effective creation and management of the required energy infrastructure.


Energy Infrastructure Brochure

Anaerobic Digestion

Shaping the future of Anaerobic Digestion.

Anaerobic Digestion is emerging as a popular sustainable energy solution with strong policy support at all levels. Over the last 12 months a large number of businesses have turned to Anaerobic Digestion, taking advantage of the benefits it provides.

RPS has a long-established reputation for planning, designing and implementing some of the country’s biggest waste projects, providing strong foundations on which to build our Anaerobic Digestion services.

We have worked in this sector since 2009 and have a strong reputation with many of the key players in this sector across the UK and Ireland including Tamar Energy, Kelda Water Services, Shanks, Evesham Vale Growers and Trent Developments.

Our services include:

Feedstock Assessments

Site Identification

Planning Feasibility Studies

Commissioning of Grid Connection Assessments

Facility Design & Procurement

Planning & EIA

Environmental Permitting

Engineering Design

Construction Supervision

Health & Safety

Stakeholder Engagement

Technical Assessments for the full suite of relevant environmental disciplines.


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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RPS supports biomass projects of all sizes and bio fuel types.

Our thorough knowledge of energy infrastructure has enabled RPS to develop a fully coordinated, multi-disciplinary service offering in the biomass sector.

To date, RPS has been involved with projects from 10MW to 300MW using fuel such as waste wood, wood pellets, palm oil, straw and chicken litter.

We have experience in dedicated biomass facilities, conversion of coal fired power stations to biomass and fuel storage facilities with both rail and ship off loading. Close links with our marine team provides expertise in port upgrades to handle import of fuel and the design and modelling of sea water links for cooling water intake and outfalls.

Our project involvement can typically include acting as facility designers for biomass developers, as designers for EPC or civil contractors and also as owners engineers providing an independent review of EPC contractor proposals.

Our services include:

Planning consultancy (including NSIP)

Environmental services


Facility design (architecture / engineering)

Port and marine design

Download our Biomass Capability Statement here


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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District Heating & CHP

RPS has extensive knowledge and expertise in assisting clients with the appropriate selection and design of Energy Infrastructure systems. At the heart of every infrastructure scheme is the Energy Centre which contains an energy and carbon efficient mix of plant so as to best fit the needs of the site to which it is serving.

RPS is able to assist in the selection and design of this equipment which may take many forms; including CHP, boilers including biomass, energy to waste, controls, fuel storage, thermal storage or in the case where tri generation is required chiller plant.

Having established an energy and carbon efficient energy centre careful selection and specification of the district heating and cooling system is required. RPS’ experience in striking the right balance between temperature, pipe layout and selection and the appropriate pump/flow control allows the district heating system to perform at its optimal level.

Our experience includes the delivery of projects in the following areas:

Conventional and fluidised bed combustion

Anaerobic digestion (agricultural and industrial)

Landfill gas utilization

Solid and liquid biofuel development

MBT and refuse derived fuels technologies

Agricultural residue utilization studies

Technology development consultancy

Project finance, procurement and lifecycle analysis

Economic, technical and environmental project reviews


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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Energy from Waste

Energy from Waste (EfW) is just one facet of the waste sector but allows RPS to demonstrate class leading credentials in all areas of development and planning.

RPS has acted as planning consultants on scores of EfW projects ranging in size from small scale gasification plants to the largest facilities with through puts of 750,000 tpa.

In addition, our in house environmental teams which include Ecology, Air Quality, Landscape Architects, Archaeology and Hydrology have produced many Environmental Impact Assessments and permitting applications.

Our design teams have produced some of the most recognisable designs of waste facilities in the country from our award winning teams of Architects and Civil and Structural Engineers. Combine that with our Building Services Engineers, Fire Engineers and CDM Co-ordinators.

Our services include:

Planning consultancy

Environmental services

Permitting Architecture

Civil & Structural engineering

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Market assessment & feedstock studies

Procurement support


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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Land Access

RPS has extensive experience in providing land access for linear infrastructure projects. In Canada alone we have worked on over 10,000 km of pipeline projects from the very largest Pipeline projects in North America to discrete well tie-ins.

Our Project Managers, Land Agents and Land Administration staff have significant experience working with large pipeline projects providing a variety of services such as:

Routing and Facility site selection

Title search and analysis

Public consultation and community relations

Project notifications and land access authorizations

Full land acquisition of freehold and Crown lands

Preparation and administration of construction support agreements including third party crossings, consents and road use

Construction support

Post construction settlements

Records management including filing and registration of all assignments with the appropriate government agencies

Pipeline Maintenance programs and Integrity Dig Projects


Paul Anderson
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Andy Young
UK and Ireland
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Linear Infrastructure

RPS provides strategic advice and expert technical services to achieve the best outcomes for linear infrastructure projects in transport, utilities, community and social infrastructure, energy and resources and defence sectors.

As a leading supplier of surveying, design, cultural heritage and environmental management services to the public and private sector, RPS has a strong track record and the capability to provide services to all project phases.

Our diverse team of experts comprises urban designers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects, project managers and specialists in environmental assessment and management, cultural heritage and climate change.

Our strong focus on sustainability is incorporated into the way we work and is an integral part of our project outcomes.

A key part of what RPS can offer in undertaking linear infrastructure projects is the expert use of both High Definition LiDAR and traditional Aerial Photography services.

The two techniques are complementary and represent a major innovation in the level of detail and accuracy attainable.

RPS’ high definition LiDAR can:

Map terrain in great detail at accuracies approaching ground survey

Capture detailed infrastructure such as 1 cm power lines

Penetrate thick vegetation

Model the shape, height and density of vegetation

Simultaneously capture digital aerial photography

These techniques are well-matched to linear infrastructure projects, providing high accuracy coupled with rapid screening and the creation of a digital database for the project.


Alun Williams
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RPS provides specialist Planning, Permitting and Environmental Assessment services for the current programme for new nuclear power stations in England and Wales together with Decommissioning and Remediation services at existing sites and installations. We are also leading providers of Safety Cases for Nuclear Facilities, and Radiation Protection services, Contaminated Land, Building and Waste Characterisation Services

New Build

RPS supports developers through early site evaluation and the UK Government's Strategic Siting Assessment which has led to the selection of the eight new nuclear sites in the UK National Policy Statement. We are providing EIA, Transport, Health Impact Assessment, Sustainability and Planning support for Development Consent Order preparation on the sites that are currently being progressed.

RPS is also providing Planning, EIA, Decommissioning, Site Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management advice at many of the UK's main existing nuclear installations. This includes planning applications and EIAs for new facilities at the major UK nuclear facility, AWE Aldermaston, land remediation studies at a number of Magnox sites and transport plans for AWE and new nuclear construction sites.


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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Nuclear Operations and Decommissioning

Leading providers of Safety Cases for Nuclear Facilities, and Radiation Protection services, Contaminated Land, Building and Waste Characterisation Services

RPS has over 25 years of experience providing support for nuclear decommissioning on many UK nuclear sites, in both civil and defence sectors.

RPS provides a comprehensive service in safety case development for simple and more complex decommissioning projects, including those with novel and unusual challenges.

Our Radiological Services team provides a comprehensive service for investigation, assessment and remediation of radiologicaly and hazardous waste affected buildings and land. We can work alongside our geotechnical and site investigation capabilities, and our Explosives Engineering team, allowing RPS to provide integrated solutions to deal with sites affected by radiological contamination issues, buried ordnance, explosive, and hazardous chemicals.

Our specialist capabilities include:

Safety case advice; new facilities, operating plant and decommissioning

Radiological risk assessment

Criticality safety assessment

Shielding & Dose Assessment

Fire & DSEAR Risk Assessment

Independent Peer Review services

Environmental Risk assessment

Radioactivity and hazardous waste surveys of land and buildings

Intrusive & non-intrusive building characterisation

Ground investigations

Groundwater contamination fate and transport modelling


Nick Taylor
Managing Director - RPS Risk Management
T: +44 (0) 1925 847970

Ports, Harbours & Maritime

RPS has developed international maritime infrastructure expertise, providing fully integrated maritime development support to the Port and Marine sector.

Our experience and our range of services make RPS one of the market leading consultancies in the field.

RPS Maritime Engineers and specialist Planners focus their talents on developing concepts, refining them into plans, developing the detailed design, followed by construction monitoring of marine facilities.

Operating nationally and internationally, our fields of work include:

Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo facilities

Oil and gas terminals

Liquid and dry bulk terminals

Multi Modal port design

Cruise terminals

Marina and waterfront development

Fishing harbours

Small piers and slipways

Coastal zone management

Offshore renewable energy

Our services include:

Masterplanning and Consenting

Environmental Impact Assessment

Feasibility Studies and Economic Appraisals

Port and Harbour Engineering

Computational Hydraulic Modelling

Port Operations and Materials Handling

Dredging Design

Fully Integrated Engineering Design

Contract Procurement and Administration

Underwater Engineering

Inspection and Maintenance

Project Management and Health and Safety

Our enthusiastic specialists provide cost-effective solutions whilst managing our environment in a safe and sustainable manner.


Dr Michael Shaw
Regional Director - Scotland, Director - Maritime Infrastructure
T: +44 (0) 2890 680503

Unconventional Gas

Drawing on extensive international experience and a broad range of expertise, RPS is uniquely placed to support unconventional hydrocarbon projects including the emerging Shale Gas development market in the UK.

RPS is uniquely placed in being able to offer a broad-based and fully-integrated consultancy service to developers of unconventional gas projects – worldwide. Our experience ranges from numerous shale gas projects in North America to extensive involvement in Coal Seam Gas activities in Australia and South East Asia and their associated pipeline and LNG export terminal infrastructure.

RPS has been involved in many projects across USA, Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific advising clients on the identification of shale gas resource plays, providing geological, geophysical, seismic and well engineering advice through all stages of investigation and field development. We have also had extensive involvement in land registry and land access, consenting, stakeholder and communication services plus environmental, planning and water assessment aspects.

At a technical level RPS can provide expertise in base line monitoring, water resourcing, management of wastewaters, traffic impacts, noise and air quality, visual impact assessment and well integrity.

Download our Unconventional Gas Capability Statement

The RPS services that are available for such projects include:

Environmental and Planning

Communications & stakeholder engagement

Community consultation

Planning consultancy

Transport infrastructure planning


Water management

Environmental services

Geoscience and Engineering

Geological & reservoir engineering

Geophysical operations

Health and Safety advice

Independent Reporting

Gas export planning

Well engineering

Planning & optimisation of fracture stimulation programme

For Environmental and Planning aspects Contact :

Andy Young
Commercial Director
T: +44 (0) 1636 605700

For Geoscience and Engineering aspects Contact :

Abhen Pather
Principal Geoscientist
T: +44 (0) 1491 415 442

Wave & Tidal

RPS plays a leading role in the development of wave and tidal renewable ocean energy systems nationally and internationally.

RPS has over 30 years experience in the wave and tidal energy sector and have designed several of the world's pioneering devices. We have in-depth experience in supporting marine renewable developers through the complete cycle of development from preliminary R&D, through model testing at various scales, detailed design and ultimately prototype deployment. Our skill base includes wave and tidal site resource modelling and evaluation, foundation and device mechanical and structural design, development of installation methodologies and naval architecture associated with the deployment phase. We also have extensive experience in environmental evaluation, EIA's and management of the planning process for marine renewable devices.

Our services include:

Resources & Site Analysis

Subsea Base and Geotechnical Design

Tidal Turbine and Wave Energy Converter Design

Consenting and Environmental Impact studies

Installation and Deployment Design

Fabrication Support

Contract & Procurement Services

Health and Safety

Supply Chain Development


Port Infrastructure Support Design


We deliver services to developers and local and central government authorities on the full range of activities from inception to supply chain and operation.

Further details on RPS wave and tidal stream capabilities can be found at:

Tidal Energy Information Sheet

Wave Energy Information Sheet



Andy Young
Commercial Director
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Alun Williams
Technical Director, Offshore
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Wind Energy

Offshore Wind

RPS has been at the forefront of planning and consenting for Offshore Wind for over 10 years. In the UK, a relatively advanced offshore wind marketplace, we have worked on a majority of Round 1 and Round 2 sites and are now supporting the preparation of Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for a number of the larger and deeper water Round 3 sites. In addition we have assisted developers in scoping and early stage evaluation studies at various locations around the world.

RPS services in relation to offshore wind projects include the following:

Preparation and management of EIAs

Planning applications for onshore sub-station activities

Visual impact studies

Noise assessment

Ecological impact assessment

Shipping and maritime impact

Consultation and stakeholder engagement

Turbine foundation assessment

Power cable landfall and offshore routing studies

Architecture and Engineering Services

Planning for landfall infrastructure, covertor stations etc

Wind Turbine Factories

For more information on our technical offshore experience, click here


Alun Williams
Technical Director, Offshore
T: +44 (0) 1483 746 500

Onshore Wind

Supporting over 100 wind farms with a combined capacity of over 3,000MW since 2008.

Whether developing single turbine projects or large scale onshore wind farms our multi-disciplinary teams have the knowledge and experience required to secure success. Our services span the project life cycle from Site Selection and Engineering though to Stakeholder involvement, Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning consent and Construction Management.

RPS offers developers a comprehensive range of environmental experts on topics pertinent to the majority of onshore wind proposals such as Ornithology, Bats, Noise, Access, Landscape and Visual alongside site specific issues requiring specialists in fields such as peat assessment, settings of historic places and residential visual amenity.

When looking to acquire projects with complex histories our Due Diligence service benefits from our specific onshore wind experience and expertise. Our work highlights risks or potential delays to project delivery and presents possible solutions.

Following consent, we are experienced at discharging conditions and dealing with additional surveys that may be required.

Amongst the services we have provided in the onshore environs are:

Flood risk


Landscape architecture




RPS also offers a comprehensive planning appeals service preparing statements of case, proofs of evidence and rebuttals and appearing as expert witnesses at onshore wind farm public inquiries.


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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