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RPS has extensive experience in the provision of environmental, water management, feasibility, due diligence and closure studies for mining projects across the globe.

We work across the full spectrum of the mining industry with clients ranging from emerging junior explorers and small-cap companies on developing projects, through to the major international mining houses.

We are working on projects covering a diverse range of mineral types, mining methods (open pit/underground), geographic regions and hydro-environmental and hydro-geotechnical conditions.

Our team of hydrogeologists, civil engineers, hydrologists and water modellers provide practical solutions for all project phases, from concept study and feasibility to design, construction, operations and mine closure.

Our services:

Dewatering & Depressurisation

Surface Water Management

Pump & Pipeline Design

Integrated Water Management

Water Monitoring Programmes

Groundwater & Surface Water Modelling

Water Supply & Storage

TSF Seepage/Recovery

Flood Control

Due Diligence

Case Studies

Drakelands Tungsten/Tin Mine, UK



Since 2008, RPS has provided hydrogeological, hydrological, geotechnical and ecological services to Wolf Minerals (Wolf) associated with their operational Drakelands Tungsten/Tin Mine in Devon, UK.

RPS completed all hydrogeological and hydrological assessments required as part of initial feasibility study for the mine. Subsequently, RPS has supported Wolf with all water management aspects of the mine construction and provides ongoing support of all water management aspects of the now fully operational mine.

The work completed by RPS includes the design and drilling supervision of test/monitoring boreholes; hydraulic testing programmes; water quality assessments; dewatering assessments; hydrological/hydrogeological conceptualisation; numerical groundwater model development; TSF seepage modelling; development of a comprehensive surface water and groundwater monitoring scheme; site water balance modelling; flood risk assessment; surface water management design; climate change assessment; impact assessment on local water features; and mine closure modelling.

A key element of the work completed by RPS has been associated with licensing and permitting, with RPS completing all surface water modelling, groundwater modelling and water related risk assessments to support the various licence/permit applications. RPS liaised directly with the UK Environment Agency and other regulatory bodies (on behalf of Wolf) in order to successfully secure site water discharge, water impoundment and water abstraction licences for the project; and also an Environmental Permit associated with the mine’s integrated tailings and mining waste storage facility.

RPS compiles all monthly water monitoring data for the site and prepare quarterly and annual compliance reports which are submitted to the EA and other relevant regulators.

Mine Feasibility Study, Gokirmak Copper Project, Turkey



RPS completed a comprehensive mine water management study as part of a feasibility study for the Gokirmak project in the KastamonĂ¼ Province of Turkey.

A major feature of the project was the development of the mine in a river bed, requiring a significant river diversion. The study included a review of meteorological, climatic, hydrological and hydrogeological data, the assessment of groundwater and surface water inflows to the proposed pit, and surface water catchment runoff from the impacted external catchments.

The study also included the design of catchment runoff diversions based on peak catchment rainfall runoff rate assessments, pit dewatering/depressurisation systems, and sedimentation basin design for multiple stages of the pit development; and included the estimation of capital and operating costs for each stage of the mine development.

A high level review of the river diversion design was completed; including an assessment of the design rainfall events and snow melt analysis which was used as the basis for the design. In addition, a preliminary water balance, groundwater and surface water monitoring programmes were developed for the site.

Mine Water Management, Edikan Gold Mine, Ghana



RPS has been assisting Perseus with various mine water management aspects at the Edikan Gold mine in Ghana since 2012. Our staff work closely with members of both the Perseus site teams (in Ghana) and Perseus Senior Management teams (in Australia). We have worked with members of the Mining, Environment, Sustainability, Geology, Geotechnical, Processing, Engineering & Exploration teams.

Some of the recent work packages completed by RPS include:

Site water management review of extensive mine site; including active open pits and historically mined (now flooded) open pits and a proposed new underground mine.

Assessment of current pit dewatering, future dewatering requirements (both open pit and underground) and dewatering requirements of flooded pits.

Design of river diversion drains around proposed pit expansions.

Training of client’s site staff on groundwater monitoring bore installation and on-going water monitoring.

Hydrological/hydrogeological aspects of Environment Approval Study for a proposed new underground mine; including the prediction of potential impact on local village wells/river and development of a dewatering design for the new underground mine.

Numerical groundwater modelling to assess option for in-pit tailings disposal.

Regular site inspections to support on-going operations.

RPS also provides support to Perseus on three of the their projects in Cote d’Ivoire (Yaoure, Sissingue and Bele) where we provide hydrogeological/hydrological impact on mine water supply, mine dewatering tailings seepage, borehole yield assessment and storm water management.