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Water Services

RPS has been providing market leading expertise in the delivery of safe and sustainable water and wastewater services to communities over many decades. We are at the forefront of developing sustainable water management solutions and innovation in physical infrastructure.

We specialise in the strategic planning of water resource management, potable water and wastewater engineering with an emphasis on asset management.

We have expert senior staff that have played a leading role developing sustainable best practice in implementing EU Directives (e.g. for drinking water, urban wastewater treatment, Water Framework Directive, Floods Directive and Habitats Directive).

Our services:

Strategic Planning

Risk Management

Catchment Management

Water Resource Management

Environmental Assessment

Treatment & Process Infrastructure

Asset Management

Distribution Networks & Storage Development

Pluvial, Fluvial & Tidal Flood Relief

Storm, Combined & Foul Networks

Sustainable Urban Drainage

Water Conservation

Sludge Treatment & Disposal

SCADA, Mechanical & Electrical

Value Engineering


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Case Studies

Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant



The Ballymore Eustace Plant is Ireland's largest water treatment plant. The facility serves Dublin, Kildare, Dún-Laoghaire and South Dublin with more than 300 million litres of water daily (Ml/d).

The plant has a 400 Ml/d capacity and is the culmination of a 30 year plan designed to provide the greater Dublin region with a state of the art, cost effective water supply. The plant is not only capable of meeting the current demands, it also provides for the needs of the region for the medium term until a longer term new source is developed post 2020.

There has been a treatment plant at Ballymore Eustace since the 1940's, which was expanded six times up until the 1980's, but the developments were not integrated. Therefore, RPS was engaged to assist in long term masterplanning and delivery of a modern integrated facility. RPS has been providing planning, design and engineering services on this project since the 1980’s.

Our approach in relation to the planning, implementation and design had to be highly innovative due to the environmentally sensitive location of the plant and the need to maintain an uninterrupted water supply to the city. Our solution was to rebuild the plant on a phased basis – shutting down the old facilities in a staged process as the new elements came online.

The plant combines the robust engineering required of a national strategic asset with innovative value engineering approaches resulting in real whole life cost value for the current utility provider, Irish Water.

Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant was awarded the 2015 Excellence Award in Civil Engineering by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI).

Bray Shanganagh Wastewater Treatment Plant



RPS provided civil and architectural design services for this high performing, sustainable wastewater facility providing a safe, hygienic environment with successful integration into the surrounding landscape.

The Shanganagh Bray Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the largest in Ireland, has capacity to treat effluent from a 186,000 population equivalent and the potential to increase capacity to 248,000 in the future for a large conurbation on the Dublin/ Wicklow border.

The €98.5m project involved the upgrading of the existing Shanganagh Wastewater Treatment Works to provide high level secondary treatment, and the laying of a pipeline from Bray Pumping Station to the new Shanganagh plant to bring wastewater for treatment.

The Shanganagh Bray Waste Water Treatment Plant brings to an end the discharge of untreated wastewater into the Irish Sea. The plant safeguards and protects water quality at Killiney Beach and Bray Strand to meet EU bathing standards. It represents ‘state of the art’ innovative technology in wastewater and sludge treatment, energy recovery and environmental management to standards which set new benchmarks for excellence for such plants in Ireland.

Water Conservation Projects – Limerick & Cork



RPS was designer, PSDP and Employer’s Representative on two major water conservation projects in Limerick and Cork City.

The Limerick City Water Conservation Strategy involved a number of approaches to leakage reduction including trunk main rationalisation and associated pressure management, leak detection and repair, mains replacement and common lead service replacement. Over 14.2km of trunk mains were commissioned, with seven new pressure reduced connections taken to provide improved security of supply and level of service to the city supply. A two year leak detection and repair contract yielded a 16.9ML/D reduction in unaccounted for water. Almost 24km of watermains were replaced, primarily by trenchless while new and individual service connections were provided to 3,160 properties previously supplied from common backyard lead services.

The Cork City Water Conservation project has to date seen the replacement of 7.8km of existing distribution mains and 2km of trunk mains as well as the introduction of additional pressure management and DMA sub-division and metering. The project has included the design of 3.1 km of trenchless construction of PE pipe through a range of methods including pipe bursting, directional drilling and close fit lining techniques.

RPS undertook environmental, archaeological, appropriate assessment and invasive alien species surveys as part of the planning phase of the projects. We also developed and assisted in the implementation of communications strategies.