Ocean Science

Ocean Science

RPS provides solutions using sophisticated computer models and ocean and coastal measurement systems to support the oil & gas sector, power industry, municipalities, and U.S. and international government agencies.

The Metocean Measurement division is renowned for its depth of international experience, breadth of capability and financial stability. RPS is a trusted partner for major international oil and mining companies, environmental and regulatory consultants, engineering and shipping companies, regulators, insurers, many government authorities, and research institutions.

Our Science & Technology team specializes in data analysis and management, including oceanographic, meteorological, biological, chemical, and limnological data. We specialize in large-scale data integration, Big Data analytics, Cloud computing, management and dissemination technologies.

Our capabilities are founded on a large and diverse range of hydrologic, oceanographic, and meteorological instrumentation, sophisticated

computing facilities and an extensive suite of validated modeling software and data analysis tools that have been adopted as a standard in industry, government, and academic institutions. We place special emphasis on quality control and preservation of data.

Our core business activities are:

Oceanographic, meteorological and inland water measurements

Coastal and marine geoscience

Integrated real-time monitoring systems

Software development and Geomatics

Numerical modeling of physical, chemical and biological processes

Coastal engineering support

Environmental consultancy and planning

Data management and analytic

Commensurate with industry requirements, RPS has in place a comprehensive Quality Management System and an active Health, Safety and Environment policy.