Virtual public consultation

The impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented and can create complex challenges. Social distancing can mean face-to-face forums for public consultation become more complex, time consuming and costly. We can help you remove barriers, progress approvals and connect with your audience virtually.

Avoid disruption and costly delays

We are here to make it easy for our clients.

Both during lockdown and as the new normality resumes, a virtual public consultation is an interactive and engaging - but above all - viable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to the traditional approach.

Engage your audience

Engage and connect with the community by simulating the public consultation experience. 

Allow your audience to access proposals, interact with visualisations, share their comments and dive into detail - all in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. Personalised to you and your project, the virtual consultation room captures feedback instantly, providing collated responses at the push of a button. 


How does it work?

  • Virtual and interactive consultation room

    We can build and host a consultation website to provide the public with an opportunity to: - View the proposals and interact with visualisations - Submit questions and comments - Access FAQs

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  • Virtual consultation event

    Host a virtual event to give a live presentation of the proposal to the public. The public can: - Watch and listen to our presentation of your development proposals - Interact and get their questions answered in real time through the Q&A forum

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  • Access for all

    For members of the public who can't get online, we offer alternatives to our virtual event including: - A pre-booked phone consultation - We can also facilitate the submission of postal comments, with the option for a call-back if required.

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  • Reaching your audience

    To ensure you reach the right audience, our virtual consultation will be promoted using ‘partner’ websites and social media channels in the local area, newspaper advertisements and a leaflet drop within the catchment of the proposal.

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Making complex easy

Using technology to digitally connect, we can ensure the safety of the community and adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines, whilst fulfilling community consultation requirements.

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We say we make it easy to connect. And we do.

"We are here to make it easy for our clients and ensure projects can remain on track through virtual public consultation and stakeholder engagement".

Darren Parker, Operational Director

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Leading minds


Brilliant minds finding solutions to complex problems, made easy to understand. Making complex easy.

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